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What you got with gOutbound+?

The gOutbound+ Services provide clients with the following flexibility and advantages.

Flexible scheduling

Clients can arrange the telecalling sessions at their convenience and per their requirements.

Location and language flexibility

Clients will have the choice to hire multilingual telecallers from other cities to broaden their reach and target various audiences.

Customizable services

Clients can customize the services they receive, including the type of telecalling they use (such as lead generation, appointment setup, etc.)

Domain Expertise flexibility

Clients can interact with telemarketers with specialized industry knowledge to match their professional demands.

Reporting and analytics

Clients can get detailed information and reports that show how effective their telemarketing campaigns were.

Customer support

Clients can contact our customer care team 24/7 with concerns or questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse available freelancers on the platform and send a project proposal to those who match your requirements.

Discuss project details and set milestones. Throughout the process, be sure to communicate clearly and inquire about feedback.

Use the platform's messaging system to discuss project details, set expectations, and provide feedback.

Use the platform's payment system to securely transfer funds to the freelancer upon project completion.

You have the right to clear communication, timely delivery of work, and quality work that meets your expectations.

Try to work out a resolution with the freelancer first. If unsuccessful, reach out to the platform's support team for assistance.

Set clear expectations and provide feedback throughout the project. Before hiring, look over the freelancer's reviews and portfolio.

Sign a non-disclosure agreement with the freelancer and only provide necessary information on a need-to-know basis.

Provide clear communication and feedback, and follow the platform's guidelines for ending a project. Leave an honest rating and review.

Once the assignment has been properly finished and reviewed, you will get paid as soon as possible within 7 working days.

You can withdraw your earnings through the platform's payment system. You can link your preferred payment method and request to withdraw your funds.

Creating an effective profile involves highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements. Make sure to showcase your portfolio and provide relevant information that will attract clients.

You may start chatting with clients using the platform's chat function once clients have accepted your project application.

After reading the client's job advertising attention, you may accept by creating a customized one that highlights your qualifications and skills.

You will get a notification and email accordingly if a client awards you a project. Make sure to check your notifications and email regularly.

Use relevant keywords while promoting your services, and show off your experience, credentials, and abilities in your portfolio.

You may develop your abilities by being informed on the most recent business trends and best practices.