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Are you a business looking to hire skilled and talented telecalling freelancers? You've come to the right place.

gOutbound is a marketplace that connects clients who need telecalling services with verified freelancers who can provide high-quality telecalling services to help businesses grow.

Why is gOutbound and for whom?

gOutbound is for businesses of all sizes who need to make outbound calls for a variety of purposes, including lead generation, sales, customer service, fundraising, and more. It is also for experienced telecalling freelancers who want to showcase their skills and find new clients.

What will be the benefits you can get from this platform?

Access to a large pool of verified, experienced telecalling freelancers who can help achieve business goals.
Ability to choose from a variety of telecalling categories and select the freelancers who best meet their needs.
Flexibility to negotiate terms and manage projects through the platform.
Assurance of secure payment and streamlined communication with freelancers.
Opportunity to save time and money by outsourcing telecalling services.
Ability to showcase skills and experience to potential clients.
Access to a variety of telecalling jobs across different categories.
Flexibility to negotiate terms and choose projects that match their expertise.
Assurance of secure payment and streamlined communication with clients.
Opportunity to expand their client base and grow their business through the platform.

How It Works?


Browse telecaller by categories or post a job

Choose a freelancer that meets their requirements

Negotiate the term

Hire and manage project through Platform


Create profile, showcase the skills and work history

Bid on job that match their expertise

Negotiate the term

Complete the project and receive payment through the platform

gOutbound provides a secure, streamlined platform for both clients and freelancers to collaborate and achieve their business goals.

Freelancers Profile category

Multilingual Telecallers

Telecallers who are fluent in multiple languages and can communicate effectively with clients and customers around the world.

Industry-Specific Telecallers

Telecallers who have experience in specific industries such as healthcare, finance, or technology, and can provide targeted services to clients in those industries.

High-Ticket Sales

Telecallers who specialize in selling high-value products or services, such as luxury goods or high-end consulting services.

Outbound Customer Retention

Telecallers who specialize in retaining customers and reducing churn rates by proactively reaching out to customers.

Technical Telecallers

Telecallers who are familiar with technical products or services and can assist customers with technical issues or questions.

Cold Emailing and Outreach

Telecallers who can provide cold emailing and outreach services to help clients reach out to potential customers and partners.

B2B Lead Generation

Telecallers who specialize in generating leads for B2B businesses.

Political Campaigning

Telecallers who have experience in political campaigning and can provide services such as phone banking, voter outreach, and fundraising.

Social Media Telecalling

Telecallers who can use social media channels to reach out to potential customers and generate leads or sales.

Appointment Generation and Follow-up

Telecallers who can generate appointments for businesses and follow up with customers to ensure successful sales or conversion.


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